How it all began...

As a kid I've always loved fairy tales. Growing up I felt a special kinship to Cinderella, having a step-father and bratty half sister not to mention always cleaning up the house. I played Peter Pan with my cousins. Sitting on the porch railing as Wendy waiting for "Peter" to swoop in and save me from the evil "Captain Hook". As a teen I fell in love with Robin Hood, which probably isn't strictly a fairy tale but still I basically created my own fan fiction around the story.
Now as an adult I tend to search out the darker aspects of the tales. Reading any kind of twisted and dark versions of the tales I can find. The tales I'm going to share on this blog are my version of the classic tales these are not for children and not safe for work either. The inspiration for many of these tales came from the Fairy Tale Fantasies by J Scott Campbell.
Princess Rosella's story is based on something I read and expanded on, incorporating something I've thought about for years. Mixing in some well known and not so well known stories. I hope you enjoy!